Caring Daddy Dom / Sadistic Master.
Male. Straight. Married.
Melbourne, Australia.

This is my outlet from a vanilla marriage, this keeps me sane
I come here to talk with friends and like minded people;
to teach, to help, to guide and to play;
and to enjoy whatever else I'm lucky enough to be given.

You'll notice several themes running through, all mixed together. There is the Chateau which is a place for the training and sometimes sale of slaves, Daddy Dom / little girl postings, Female beauty, various fetishes, and some outright sadism and humiliation. If it catches my eye and interests me, I'll probably repost it here. I do follow back my followers, but it takes time, because I like to have a look through the pages rather than just hitting the follow button. And usually I'll find something I like on your page to repost.

Feel free to use my Ask link for anything, but please note that if you don't want it published, please tell me. Or you can email me at

Thank you, and enjoy the blog

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.
In and out baby, in and out.

In and out baby, in and out.

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